Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Attempts to gain weight-How simple is it?

I've tried the health food stores' milkshakes and weight gainers-nothing helped. I neve r put on one pound. Okay, now somebody told me that I will gain weight in the future, probably when I'm in my late 20's. That's dreadful to me. I want to gain those pounds 2 weeks ago! Really, I never stuck with one protein shake or weight gain supplement or whatever names they're called. Some were even pukey! But I always gave up quickly. Next time I'll tell you the story of how I put on 10 or 15 pounds (can't remember for sure) and then lost it within weeks!

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Thick is good all the time, all the time thick is good"

I don't mean to critise anyone, okay people. I am not in the position of those anorexic women (or men) so I cannot say 'I understand.' However, WHAT THE HELL is this about loosing weight. I see some celebrities on TV who have been 'reduced' to skin and bones at least almost. That's not pretty. For women like me, it's a DESIRE to gain pounds. This nonsense about loosing weight my ASS! Ridiculousness in the dam place. Where I come from, I only know women to loose weight if they're 'grieving'. By that we mean she broke up with the boyfriend or something. But we love the weight. We don't want too much of it. Okay, remember, I'm taking about the slim girls. I don't look emaciated, but let me tell u all: I weigh LESS than 100 pounds. We or let me say I, want to be thick. Say it with me people: "Thick is good all the time, all the time thick is good". Oh, I'm not done yet, I want women in my position to give their opinions please, sumbit a comment, holla at me please. I want to explore how it really is on our side of the fence: Looking at full women and wanting to have some of that-that's an insecurity for me u know....

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